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A Month of Sundays

by Epignosis

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One Coin 21:27
I see so many fountains But I have only one coin To throw and then I’ll go. The waters will ripple But after a while They will be still again. Imagine that something so small Could blot out a star Yet never return what’s been lost to you: What each tiny breath has been costing you so far. My hand leaves a fingerprint A tiny report: No strength, no grace, no power. But there is a second hand That you cannot shake; It will produce the hour. And at the end of our dearest dreams, We’re just a glass cannon symphony. Yet never return what’s been lost to you What each tiny breath has been costing you so far. So far The youthful mind and childlike eyes View lofty heights and cloudless skies The wings fly away so, And leave the body on the ground. The days I aim to walk alone I tread on gravel paths and stone And fall on my knees And leave the body on the ground A fallen pall bearer A broken repairer A drowning seafarer A lost pathfinder Silent organ grinder Forgotten reminder A burning firefighter A gasless lamplighter A tuneless songwriter A cursing holy man A vacant lifespan A tardy brilliant plan Arrived too late to be the voice of reason in your ear; I fear that to be a voice at all is not enough. And you may say, “Every day’s the same.” Who’s to blame when the sunset’s casting shadows the same way? In the wake of plagiaristic purposelessness for the sake Of apprehension, I give up the day. And you will state, “I can’t concentrate.” Do you relate to the idol that complains about its fate? My true love I regarded as the thing I never started. My true love was always tomorrow. The same mistake that mires you in paralysis is one I’ve made, but the world that keeps on spinning will not wait. There used to be a bright-eye kid Master of the universe But the toy aisles got smaller and smaller No way to reverse No way. Never meant to sink this far Never meant to slide so low The impact changes It rearranges Everything we had If I could have it back If I could just have it all back The tide yes will rise The tide yes will fall The tide will not hesitate To swallow you whole All that’s lost was found Hold it in your hand Let me hold your hand The gutter stays on the ground, The coin won’t have to. The mess you made stays on the ground, But you don’t have to. My path is a drunken man’s prayer: Rambling, unclear, but hopeful. My place is a sober woman’s stare: Weary, forbidding But there and lost among the sound of a glass cannon symphony.
Vita Brevis 02:34
These are the days Devoted to my favorite distractions On and on Each momentary interaction A treasure to keep A rest to my melody The brightness must be heard A song and dance to take the stage from me These are the years Slipping by just like the other days It can’t slow down Now there’s the smile that keeps me always Afraid to blink Scared to turn my head I would be lost Without the smaller hands to guide my own Life presents us little time to hone For by the time I have all of the answers The questions are grown And gone away to the same place I’ve known
I saw balloons Float above a church bell tower Each one let fly Into the bluest sky As we all said goodbye I see so many faces Familiar friends to share a laugh Kick off the shoes and raise a glass Each morning a new chance Of filling our time with life Before it’s our time But I haven’t seen you in a month of Sundays Because I’m still here And I cannot wait to laugh at the living with you My friend I thought of you Sitting with me in my living room The night wasn’t slow It was time for you to go How was I to know? Each breath is a doorway Each word a corridor to the future and furthermore There’s one room that’s waiting The view is magnificent The welcome is warm But I haven’t seen you in a month of Sundays Because I’m not at the end And I cannot wait to laugh at the living with you, my friend
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here To witness time stop And start all over again With something new Different eyes will see the same stars Yet never cross ways Even though we’re not astronomers We’re watching two universes crashing together today Even if you could never understand why It’s safe to say It’s plain as day It never fails It’s here among you Love never fails It spills right on you On your wedding day Dearly beloved, what we witness here: Two faces, one coin And today marks our privilege: To watch it fall into the future’s fountain
Two hearts converge; an eruption ensues Two heartbeats light the fuse And one more heart is stirring For a time yet unknown The hands of the youth are the work of the aged. The mundane and deific combine: Creation engaged In creation’s design If the world stands here solid as stone The deepest impressions endure. It’s my hope, my prayer Among the ancient canyon clefts We’ll find yours. They’ll be yours. Fire away Can the volley kiss the sun? Even in the dark night Will the shockwaves spread the daylight When the dream is done? Fire away Make your one shot really matter Is it more than a symbol? Will the planet tremble When you shatter? You will only break apart (At the end of this dear dream) As we gather up the pieces (You’ll reflect the brightest beam) Every detonation (Is from a fragile piece) But each illumination (Brightens in our hearts and will not cease) The anthem of the last farewell (Echoes on and on) The chorus every moment swells (As we join the evensong) The voices growing fainter (Are holding on and holding still) And then at the last breath The orchestra plays for you, and it will.
In the season of the newborn day, Chase the sweetest of your dreams away. When the evening’s drawing toward an end, Do not fear the hands of dying men. Silent Season Leaves the impression That all has been lost Witness Wonders Ashes to ashes And ashes to breath Dearest Dreamlike Ageless redeemer And you evermore In the end your eyes will witness shadows Go forth, knowing they are there because of the light.
There’s a dream that never finds an end There’s a path where all our roads converge There’s a voice that will never cease to urge Equanimity When you enter this tranquility Though I haven’t seen you In a month of Sundays Because I’m still here And I cannot wait To laugh at the living With you My friend No I haven’t seen you In a month of Sundays Because I’m not at the end And I cannot wait To laugh with the living With you My friend


This album is dedicated to my friend Alan Aycock.

Alan never married, never had children, never grew old, and never grew up

The quality of his humor and wit was such that you could never be completely certain if he was laughing with you or at you.

I suspect his experiences taught him that life was too precious for someone to be anything other than honest and faithful.

Those who knew him still miss him.

And those who didn’t missed out.

Ten percent of all sales from A Month of Sundays will be donated to Duke Children’s Hospital in his memory.

Thank you for listening.

It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?


released April 28, 2019

Robert W. Brown, Jr. - Vocals and all instruments
Tasha Nichole - Vocals

Album photography by Ryann McKay, used with permission.


all rights reserved



Epignosis Raeford, North Carolina

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